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Interview With Travel Blogger @TwentyFourWithMe

January 4, 2018

Recently, we had the good fortune of catching up with our friend, and fellow travel enthusiast, Luciana from In the last decade she’s been to over 64 countries and counting. Originally from Brazil, Luciana moved to the United States at the age of 14. She’s nurtured her passion for combining travel and creativity through her blog, in which she documents her adventures in thoughtful and whimsical images. She can also be found on Instagram @twentyfourwithme.

1. You’ve been traveling since you were 14 years old, so you’ve been all over the world and now you even have your own travel blog. What inspired you to travel at such a young age, and how did the travel blog come about?

I think I was 10 when I started asking my mom to move to the United States. Nobody could really pinpoint where this idea came from, especially since it was quite contrary to what other children my age dreamt about. I just knew that I wanted to live abroad and the American culture is something you are exposed to no matter where you live. The opportunity came along due to my mother’s work, one day before my 14th birthday the two of us found ourselves in Boca Raton (not speaking a word of English).

For the longest time during my travels, I was a tourist, enjoying the must-sees of every city I visited. After a while I slowly became more comfortable with the unknown aspect of traveling, I wanted to experience places to a greater depth and see the places locals go to and that’s when I became a traveler. Friends frequently asked me for advice on where to go on holidays and I wanted to share my experience with others. It also provided a way for me to remember it all…. this is how my blog came to life.

2. What is your best advice/recommendation on savvy traveling? What does a savvy traveler know to bring with her?

Less is more! There is no need to carry a whole bunch of unnecessary items with you, so plan ahead what it is that you need. If you know where you are going will not have an iron, then skip taking all the clothes that wrinkle, but if you must take that “it dress” leave it hanging in the bathroom and take a hot shower, that will help steam it out. Have a universal adapter, and if your liquids are not 100ml, then pack it in a reusable container. Also, get to know a bit of the customs of where you are headed to, some things that you do on a regular basis might be considered offensive in other countries.

3. Do you have any airport hacks you’ve picked up along the way?

I do have a few. Track you flights for delays, last thing you want to do is stay longer than needed at the airport. Wear comfortable clothes and avoid belts and boots for security screening. Start preparing what you need to remove from your bag before reaching the security screening point, so you are ready to quickly pass through. Bring your own food so you know exactly what you are eating (airplane food is usually processed and full of unhealthy additives). Stay hydrated (this one is so important!) Take your own water with you and since some airports are very strict with liquids, take your empty bottle and have one of the crew fill it up for you. If you are looking for special treatment from flight attendants, then consider taking them a box of chocolate. Try to book seats closest to the front if you have a short connection, as soon as you are out of the aircraft–run! Most passengers are usually moving very slowly to the immigration check-point, and this will ensure you are in front of the line.

4. During your international travels, how do you see, or experience wine and travel going hand in hand?

Wine is such a big contributor to an unforgettable travel experience; it is truly special to have the opportunity to connect to a region through wine. During my visit to Tuscany I had the chance to visit wineries, I tried their local wines while savoring dinner at local restaurants, and I talked to the people from there who were immensely in love with their wine and wanted to share this love with all the travelers, including myself. Wine is one of the reasons Tuscany is so memorable and special, and this is just one place, how many other regions in this world has that same impact due to wine? Many, and I hope to discover more and more during my future travels.

5. Have you seen first-hand how wine gives a traveler certain insight into the region where it’s from? How have you seen wine play a cultural role?

As wine has been a long part of history, it is only natural that it shapes the region’s culture and tradition. An example is Douro Valley in Portugal, the one and only place for Port wine. One of the oldest wine regions in the world, the landscape is utterly beautiful, and time has completely decorated the hills with vineyards seen from any possible angle. Their culture is all related back to wine and the passion of the Portuguese people is visible in Douro Valley, their people are extremely proud of this strong element of their culture. I really enjoyed visiting one of the famous wineries where I tried many different Port wines.

6. Have you been to any “off the beaten path” wineries? If so, please share your experience with us (where was it, what wine did you taste, did the wine imprint your experience)?

While driving through the Istria region of Croatia, I came upon a family owned winery. The most unique wine experience to date, as the owner himself gave me and my husband a private tour of the entire place and explained everything about his place, and the many wines they make. Here was the first time I tried Muscat wine, which is a sweet white wine with flavors of peach, orange blossom and nectarine. Every time I hear or see Muscat wine I instantly think back of this visit and truly believe the best Muscat wine comes from Croatia!

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