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Our story begins with a journey

Wandering Wines is a collection discovered through adventure and inspired by the world.

We travel the globe and discover wines and experiences based on the places and people we meet. Through our expeditions, our crew has formed a bond that transcends borders. We aim to connect families, friends and cultures through our shared love for unforgettable journeys, life-changing experiences, and great wines. We are Wandering Wines.

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Our story begins with the journey. Not one in particular, but a culmination of expeditions building up to one profound realization. We three wide-eyed wine enthusiasts set forth from our homes in search of something different. We’ve visited skyscraper-filled cities, little villages tucked away in valleys, and coastal bungalow towns, to name a few. In our search for something different, we discovered that the two elements that unite all cultures are great people and great wine. No matter where in the world we find ourselves, we can depend on two things—our devoted fellowship, and our full glasses.

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Private Label

It’s never been easier, or more affordable, to personalize your own wine labels with Wandering Wines Private Label. We offer a variety of wines and multiple price points from which to choose, delivering high quality wines with customized labels that you’ll be proud to call your own. Our Private Label wines are perfect for Restaurants, Country Clubs, Catering, Hotels, Weddings, Parties, and more! From Reds and Whites, to Pinks and Sparkling, Wandering Wines has a wine for everyone. Contact us to learn more!

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Our Blog

Private Label Wine for the Holidays

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October 9, 2018

A History on Carménère

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June 14, 2018

Private Label Wine for the Holidays

If you’ve browsed our website, you’ve probably seen the Wandering Wines Private section, a small section describing our private labeling services. You might have skipped over that part thinking it didn’t apply to you. Well, we’d love to invite you to rethink how it absolutely does apply to you, especially at this time of year with the holiday season fast approaching.

Do you have a holiday list of people you have to buy gifts for, and you don’t know what to get? Teachers, mail service men and women, security personnel, neighbors, aunts, uncles- the list goes on and on. We’d venture to guess that most of these people would be quite pleased with a nice bottle of wine. But, also think about the holiday events- big Thanksgiving dinners, company parties, Secret Santa exchanges. Now you see how Wandering Wines Private actually does apply to you! Those adorable family photos you put on your holiday cards every year? Put them on a bottle of wine! Let us make your holiday season simple by helping you to create your own custom wine.

Wandering Wines provides high quality wines, and once you add your custom label, you have the perfect gift. We offer unique varietals and interesting blends. From Reds to Whites, Rose, Sparkling, and even Organic and Biodynamic, we’ve got something for everyone. We print professional custom labels to which you can add your own photos, logo, or branding. There’s no order minimum, and small and large orders can be delivered right to your door.

The process is very easy:

1. Select your wine
2. Submit your artwork for the label
3. Approve your mockup, which we will email
4. Sit back and relax while we take care of the rest!


This year, you don’t have to worry about holiday crowds and long lines at the mall, let us take the stress out of the holidays. Contact us at to get started.



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October 9, 2018

A History on Carménère

We at Wandering Wines are so pleased at the opportunity to bring a high quality Carménère to consumers. This varietal has quite a story. It originally came to Chile in the 1800s alongside more popular Bordeaux varieties such as Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot; and upon its arrival, it was mistakenly labeled Merlot and planted as such.


The mistaken plantings of “Merlot” were thriving in the Chilean terroir, and Chilean winemakers took  note of its special characteristics. They gave it the nickname “Merlot Chileno”.


At the same time that “Merlot Chileno’s” plantations were spreading rapidly, its ancestors in Europe were on the decline. The Phylloxera epidemic was wiping out every Carménère grape in Europe, and by the 1870s, the variety was presumed extinct.


Fastforward to 1994, when a French ampelographer, Jean Michel Boursiquot, was visiting Viña Carmen in the Maipo region, when he came across a planting he recognized to be Carménère. Needless to say, he was surprised. Thus, the identity of “Merlot Chileno” was revealed as Carménère, and Chile had the world’s largest plantings of a varietal that was thought to be non existent.


While the varietal has since spread to other regions world wide, Chile has retained the greatest diversity of Carménère. “From the spicy Carménère found in the coastal regions, through to plush and rich Carménère in the Central Valley, down to the bright fruits of Maule’s Carménère” (


Go ahead and browse the information on Wandering Wines Reserve Carménère right here and for all things Wandering Wines, make sure to follow our Instagram @TheWanderingWines.

Information for this blog was sourced from, for even more information pertaining to Chilean wine, check out their IG @DrinkChile.

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June 14, 2018